What does Contesio do?

We like to answer this question with an analogy:
When someone wants to build a large house, the client often only has a rough idea of how the finished property should look.

The architect works with the owner to develop the initial draft and later, the detailed construction plans. He accommodates the wishes of the client while ensuring that the structural design is sound and all requirements are satisfied. Finally, the architect fleshes out the details and specifications of the development.

The building contractor is then responsible for implementing the design and ensuring that construction work is completed professionally and on time. He supervises his own skilled and experienced craftsmen and hires other specialist firms as subcontractors to perform various trades.

We at Contesio act as architect, building contractor, and craftsmen for your IT and digital transformation project. We turn your “idea” into a concrete solution, and use our staff and – depending on the task – engage a variety of specialist partner firms to ensure that your project is implemented successfully, quickly and efficiently.