Welcome to Contesio

We are your partner for digitisation, IT issues and IT-supported business, supply chain and production optimisation.

With our consulting services, we assist you on matters such as digital strategies and digital transformation, the selection of appropriate information technologies and systems for a wide range of applications, with business intelligence systems and databases, IT systems for supply chain and warehousing, “Industry 4.0”, the Internet of Things, and so forth.

With more than 10 years of consulting experience and numerous successful projects, we offer you a reliable expertise and competence.

In doing this we take a holistic view of business, IT and other technologies, combining the competencies of both classical business consulting and technical consulting for IT and operations.
In this way we build a bridge between the often separate worlds of business and technology, bringing together different departments and disciplines.

As part of our technical services offering, we implement the concepts, customise third-party software solutions, develop complementary applications if necessary, manage the implementation of new technologies on your behalf, and support you with the maintenance, servicing and the ongoing development of your systems.

As an independent service provider, we can concentrate fully on delivering the maximum benefit to our clients without having to “sell” particular products or systems.