Supply chain management and logistics

Optimising supply chains and logistics is a complex challenge that also has to take equal account of customer requirements, business optimisation issues, process control, geographical facts, technical infrastructure and IT governance.

By using powerful logistic networks and processes, automated storage, materials handling and transport technology alongside fully networked systems, service levels can be significantly enhanced and resources used more efficiently.

Contesio can support you in the various supply chain challenges: in planning and optimising facility locations and networks as well as in selecting and implementing automated and networked systems in the areas of inventory management / warehousing, distribution and intra-logistics.

We will partner with you on creating your digitisation and automation roadmap, helping to ensure that you reap the highest possible economic benefit from today’s rapidly evolving technical possibilities.

Typical topics

  • Geo-based solutions: facility location and distribution network planning and optimisation
  • IT-based optimisation of processes
  • Utilisation of artificial intelligence for optimising the supply chain
  • Automation and data networks for warehouse management –
    economic analysis, concept, implementation
  • Connected material flow technology and processes
  • Connected warehouse and materials handling technology
  • IoT for warehouse and supply chain
  • Human-machine-interaction