Technical solutions and services

With our technical solutions and services offering, we help you to implement strategies and concepts in compliance with agreed specifications.

In the process, we can handle the customisation of bought-in software solutions or develop tailor-made solutions for you when off-the-shelf software is not up to the job.

For most projects we design the associated database solutions as the data back end for a variety of applications.

Especially when dealing with big data, we develop solutions that utilise artificial intelligence, e.g. for pattern recognition or optimisation purposes.

Moreover, we develop tailor-made augmented and mixed reality solutions for our customers, especially for R&D and production issues.

Needless to say, we are available after implementation for the maintenance and further development of the solutions involved. This means that even after project sign-off, you can remain sure of accessing rapid, competent and reliable support at all times.

If required, we can also arrange for databases and applications to be hosted on secure high-availability servers, which fulfill the requirements of the European GDRP.

One thing holds true for all our services: our commitment to working exclusively with the latest technological standards.

This gives you advantages with regard to both performance and application security while also securing your investments for the long term. Thus, for example, if you eventually decide to bring the maintenance of the solutions developed or implemented by us in house – or alternatively outsource those services – this can easily be done.

Technologies for business applications and databases

In the area of Web-based tools we currently tend to favour Angular/React for frontend and ASP.NET Core for Backend Development. We also develop desktop and mobile applications in C# and sometimes in C/C++ or Python (machine-related or AI solutions).
The databases we operate are mainly SQL Server-based. Cloud-based solutions will be hosted on Microsoft Azure (International oder German Cloud).

Together with our in-house colleagues from the web design team, we generally use standard systems for CMSs, online stores etc. For shops, we currently use Magento, Shopware, or Shopify.

ERP, CRM, and BI systems

When it comes to ERP, CRM and BI systems, we are vendor neutral and assist our customers in selecting the system best suited their needs.

The choice right now often comes down to Microsoft Dynamics, Power BI or products from Qlik. In addition to this, we frequently supply custom-developed solutions, some of which are built on the APIs of the aforementioned vendors.

As a Microsoft Partner, we can provide you with expert advice on and support with the concept development, customisation and entire operational implementation of Dynamics 365 ERP, CRM, and of Microsoft 365.

IoT technologies

The number of IoT platforms has increased by leaps and bounds over recent years. On the technological front, too, this sector is subject to rapid change.
At the same time, the various platforms involved differ quite significantly in terms of their design, functionality and interfaces.

We support our clients in selecting the platform and gateways that provide the best current fit with their specific requirements and existing infrastructure. In the dynamic environment that characterises IoT, we also ensure we use only those technologies that, based on current standards, also promise high levels of security for the future.


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