Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 

Industrial production is undergoing some major changes. Networked and, perhaps soon, even self-learning systems are improving productivity levels and can reduce downtime and optimise capacity utilisation.

However, despite these apparently impressive technical opportunities, many of the core questions involved are difficult to answer. What economic advantage, for example, does Industry 4.0 actually bring? What does a “digital” business model look like? What about security issues? Which platform and technology are the most appropriate and what constitutes the most future-proof investment?

Contesio can offer expert advice on the latest opportunities – and the limitations – of Industry 4.0. We can assist you with the design and introduction of new technologies and processes for production planning, control and monitoring, and on the automation and networking of your systems.

This makes us an ideal partner for the development of your digital roadmap, ensuring you remain abreast of the latest technology while still prioritising “old-fashioned” economic principles that will always retain their value. As a result, you can build a long-term position of strength for your business in your competitive environment.

Typical topics

  • Economic utilisation of “Industry 4.0”
  • Digital roadmap for manufacturing sites
  • “Digital factory” – systems, solutions and methods for production management
  • Applying IoT to industrial manufacturing environments-
    concept, systems, implementation
  • Security of IoT solutions
  • Quality control, reduction of downtimes and manufacturing costs
  • Utlisation of artificial intelligence and big data
  • Asset monitoring / predictive maintenance
  • Augmented and mixed reality solutions for development, planning, and production
  • Human-machine-interaction
  • Training and Change Management