Contesio’s philosophy and principles

  • In our consultancy and our services, we are committed to adding real customer value. We allow ourselves to be judged by the tangible benefits that our full range of services bring for our clients.
  • We are ambitious with regard to our performance. In our consulting work and our services, we aim to stand out from our competitors.
  • The advice offered by Contesio must always be highly competent, fair and reliable. Through the use of standard technologies and our openness with clients about the approaches and source code we use, as far as possible we avoid “locking in” our customers.
  • Contesio’s consulting services are aimed at technical specialists and non-technical decision-makers alike. In particular, our advice should also provide a clearly understandable and transparent decision-making basis for non-IT experts.
  • Contesio sees itself as a bridge between business managers, engineers and IT specialists. Within our consulting projects and our services, one of our aims is always to bring the various disciplines and departments of our client’s business together, thereby promoting mutual dialogue and understanding. This reinforces cooperation in the client organisation both within and beyond our specific projects.
  • We only recommend products and technologies that we believe represent an appropriate solution and meet our client’s specific needs. To protect our independence and ensure that our consulting services are exclusively focused on benefiting our customers, Contesio engages in no resale or retail business on behalf of third-party providers.
  • To ensure that the consulting and service our clients receive is of optimum quality, we supplement our own expertise – subject to the customer’s agreement – with specialist knowledge from selected partner companies. In doing this, our focus is on harmonising and “orchestrating” the interaction and interplay between the various experts involved. Even in such cases, Contesio always remains the central point of contact for the client in every aspect of the project.