Business IT consulting

We can advise you on all IT-related issues – competently and independently. Along the way, we support you with the selection, adaptation, development and implementation of appropriate software solutions.
Our onsulting covers software from a range of vendors for business applications, web-based platforms as well as custom applications created for your specific needs.
Thanks to our independence, we can concentrate fully on developing the best solution for the client.
At the same time, we can fulfil a wide range of client requirements as a single supplier, by means of our own services or those offered by our network of partners.[/columnize]

Typical scenarios and tasks
  • “From IT-jungle to IT-farmland”:
    Restructuring of historically evolved, inefficient IT landscape;
    managing high complexity of requirements, systems, stakeholders, technologies and regional branches;
    setting up an efficient set of dedicated systems and modules that integrate seamlessly with each other
  • Introduction of ERP and CRM systems:
    Business consulting, technical consulting and services concerning ERP and CRM systems for Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Operations, and Logistics;
    Conceptual design, definition of requirements, system selection, specification and optimisation of processes;
    Customisation and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Set-up and development of business intelligence solutions:
    BI strategy and design, selection and compilation of BI toolsets, set-up of BI databases with ERP integration, development of additional custom tools, MS Excel integration, customisation and implementation
  • Web-based platforms and systems:
    PHP-based web apps and platforms, e-commerce solutions, Extra-/Intranet on a PHP- or .NET-basis;
    We provide you our service concerning web platforms together with our in-house colleagues from the web design team. To learn more, please visit
  • Development of custom software tools:
    Web-based tools for a variety of tasks in ASP.NET MVC including multi-country and ERP system planning tools or desktop applications in C#
  • Databases:
    Design and development of MS-SQL databases as a back end for a wide range of applications

  • Comprehensive consulting
  • Synthesis of IT and business competence
  • Design of IT-supported processes and workflows
  • Consulting on IT strategy, system architecture, software selection
  • Integration of IT solutions into business
  • Individual customising
  • Development of taylor-made tools and databases
  • Seamless integration of conceptual consulting and technical services for realization and implementation
  • Securing investments by using the latest (standard) technologies