Services for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our services in the field of “artificial intelligence” encompass applications that enable you to harness research-related data science to meet your specific challenges.

The application scenarios include a range of topics relating to business, supply chain and production.

One of the key areas of emphasis is pattern recognition based on extensive data records, for improved forecasting of future events and a more detailed understanding of input-output relations.

Objectives include, for example, improved demand forecasting for the supply chain, approaches to automated predictive maintenance in the process industry and the determination of product-specific price-sales functions and, based on these, (semi-)automated, market-appropriate pricing.

Our work also focuses on knowledge-based or self-learning systems and transferring theoretical experiments from this sphere to business applications.

Through our work with specific applications and our knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of artificial intelligence, we ensure that you always get the most up-to-date version of what is technically feasible.

At the same time, with all the current “hype” surrounding AI, we prefer to stick to the facts and extract those applications for you that actually deliver measurable progress and also make commercial sense.